Monday, 10 December 2012

The Launch

Clearly I have been shirking my blogging responsibilities for which I apologise! I was not even ill! I was merely lazy, but I have had a severe word with myself and I endeavour not to miss a post again.

Now in true AGM fashion having started with the apologies I move onto the main points of business. The launch of my business Cristo Johns Personal Style Consultancy. The event took place at The Duke of Richmond Hotel in Guernsey. The resident's lounge was taken over to provide the perfect background for champagne and cake with a collection of luxury womenswear from START and TRILOGY boutiques from London. 
They tasted as good as they look 
Richard Nicoll, Maison Martin Margeila, J Brand, Equipment, J Brand, Moncler, Theyskens Theory, Helmut Lang, Alexander Wang 
The room
Guests could enjoy everything while relaxing over the latest editions of VOGUE
Explaining the details
Showing the detail on this amazing print dress by Theyskens Theory. The draped sides can be tied at the back just to mix things up a bit. 
A little presentation

Mulberry's on display

Fabulous guests 
Model wears Alexander Wang leather fronted dress

It was a fabulous launch to my business and a joy to host. As I said in my speech. Cristo Johns is not shopping with your friend. It is shopping with a professional. Men and women will pay a hairdresser or a masseuse huge hourly rates without a second thought. By comparison the services of Cristo Johns are perfectly accessible. Clothing and our presentation is the first port of call for judgements, and like it or not we live in a world ruled by first impressions. I am not claiming that you must wear Gucci to look good, but there are ways and means of presenting yourself to the best of your ability regardless of price point. To those who say, I don't care what I look like. I think A) you are lying and B) that is a real shame. It is not a bad thing to present yourself well. It is only when appearance becomes your only care in the world that it can be worrying.  

So book yourselves in with Cristo Johns while I go and pay the champagne bill...ouch! Any other business? No. Good. 



Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Well slap me and call me psychic!

Mr Wang
It has now been confirmed and it is all clear. As predicted in my post "Balenciaga Saga', the successor of Nicholas Ghesquière is Alexander Wang. 

I told ya! And whoop whoop for Wang! More frequently it gets harder to find quality clothing that is not covered in branding or liable-to-snagging embellishment. The Alexander Wang Ready-To-Wear lines and diffusion line T by Alexander Wang act as simple saviours. Have a look at the current collections at and see what you think. 

At 28, Wang's youth is set to bring a vibrancy to Balenciaga that I am excited to see. Some have flagged up the criticism of whether Wang will be able to handle his duties at Balenciaga and at his eponymous lines. My rebuttal to these critics is quite simply that Marc Jacobs seems to be doing just fine with his line whilst simultaneously heading up creative at Louis Vuitton. Yes it is undoubtedly a huge responsibility but, cynics must be reminded that hundreds of employees work goes into creating the clothing produced by "super-brands" such as Balenciaga and Louis Vuitton. Creative directors are required to dedicate a large proportion of their time as faces of the brand. All of this work is incredibly necessary. We live in a world where people enjoy having a quasi-celebrity to focus on. Fashion most certainly encompasses this, where creative directors, the Karl Lagerfeld's and the Donatella Versace's of this world attend the shows, meet the press and create the show and spectacle that us as "the masses" love to follow and idolise. The only way to survive is by having a strong design team behind you. It is a simple fact that the majority of people who's name is on the label don't actual make the clothes. In fact it is childish to think that they do. 

So come on Alexander Wang. Take the Balenciaga reins, manage it well, stamp your mark onto the brand and show us what you can do! Do it with confidence and I am positive the reaction will be favourable.  

This is a very short post as I have been very busy with the launch of Cristo Johns but I promise I have a  lot planned for December. There will be treats for you I promise!